Mustang Region

The Upper Mustang Region Trekking adventure is a unique journey into the remote and isolated Trans-Himalayan Region of Nepal. This area, formerly known as the Kingdom of Lo, was ruled by a royal family from the walled capital of Lo-Manthang until Nepal became a democratic republic in 2008. Upper Mustang, one of the oldest inhabited regions in the Himalayas, is renowned for its arid, desert-like landscape, ancient Buddhist monasteries, deep river gorges, wind-swept canyons, and quaint settlements that seem frozen in time.

Upper Mustang is particularly famous for the Sky Caves, where archaeologists have uncovered mummified human remains, Buddhist relics, and artifacts dating back more than two thousand years. Trekking in Upper Mustang allows you to experience a high-altitude desert and secluded settlements of Buddhist communities with close ties to Tibet. Visitors will witness the authentic Tibetan lifestyle and culture, with flat-roofed mud houses, enormous clay chortens, villagers herding yaks in traditional chuba, and horsemen riding across the hills.

Most Upper Mustang treks begin with a flight to Jomsom, a Thakali hub in Lower Mustang, home to the region’s only airport. There's also a rough jeep track connecting Mustang with Pokhara, the nearest city. Recent efforts by the Nepalese government to improve accessibility have led to road constructions, which, while not excellent, are suitable for 4WD land cruisers and off-road bike tours.

Exploring Upper Mustang can be done on foot, by vehicle (overland jeep tours), or via a two-wheeler (motorbike or bicycle). It is the only trekking region in Nepal that remains dry during the monsoon season, making it an ideal trekking destination year-round. Popular destinations within Upper Mustang include the walled city of Lo Manthang, Kagbeni, the Sky Caves of Chhusang, Choser, and Tetang, the grand canyon of Charang Chu, Rachen Gompa, and the mountain passes of Saribung La and Teri La.

The most sought-after trekking route in the region is the Upper Mustang Trek. This trek offers a unique cultural experience, allowing trekkers to immerse themselves in the traditional Tibetan lifestyle while exploring one of the most ancient and mystical landscapes in the Himalayas. Whether you choose to trek, drive, or ride through Upper Mustang, this region promises an unforgettable adventure filled with historical and cultural richness, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.