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Everest Region Trekking

Everest Region TrekkingThe name itself evokes a sense of mystery, the wild and the unexplored. It brings up images of vast mountain ranges, rugged mountain people, doey eyed yaks and of course the towering King of them all, Mount Everest. The area is one of the main region’s that is home to the famous Sherpa people, those bandy legged sturdy men and women that traverse the mountain trails and reach to the peaks carrying heavy loads and unassisted by oxygen. The region is located in Nepal’s north east and is the home to Namche Bazaar, the bustling Sherpa Settelment that is the hub of the area. Namche is a busy and colourfull market town, and for most people, it’s the first real taste of the Khumbu they will experience when they enter the area.

The elevation of the Khumbu region ranges from 3,000 metres all the way up to the top of Mount Everest at 8,848metres and it houses Sagarmatha National Park, a protected wilderness area. The Khumbu is also birth place of the most famous Sherpa of them all, Tenzing Norgay, whom accompanied Hillary on the first ascent of Mount Everest.

The geography of the area covers, rugged rocky valleys, alpine forests and meadows, neat Sherpa Villages, Glaciers and icefalls. The most prominent Glacier in the area is the Khumbu Glacier, which can be found at the base of Mount Everest. At the head of the glacier is the Khumbu ice fall, which is regarded as one of the most dangerous parts of the climb up the mountain. The ice fall is a spectacular arrangment of ice towers, crevasses and huge blocks of ice that are constantly moving and changing, the ice fall and the glaicer can be viewed from Kallapatter and Everest Base Camp.

For many years this region has evoked romantic images of adventurous mountaineers and intrepid explorer’s, rosy checked Sherpa People and hairy, sleepy eyed yaks. You can explore this area today, take in the culture and loose yourself in the wilderness beauty of this himalayan paradise under the watchful shadow of Mount Everest.

Everest Trekking Map

Everest Trekking map